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About RFQ Pro Software

RFQ Pro Software expedites the request for quotation process by streamlining the tasks required to solicit bids from your suppliers or vendors. It will help you scrutinize spend, expedite cycle times, encourage the bid process and ultimately drive down costs.

Why use our RFQ Software?
  1. Our web-based technology allows users to create RFQ’s on the fly which you can access anywhere there is an internet connection. Start the bid at the office, issue it later from home and award it from wherever you happen to be next.
  2. Terms and conditions templates are included or you customize defaults by adding your own. Multiple sets of conditions can be saved in order to expedite the process of generating your quote.
  3. Solicit bids. Vendors will be eager to respond. Basically they login, price items, add commercial terms and submit their quotation. No more faxes, no more filing. Bid history and success rates are accessible on-line which encourages Vendors to be competitive.
  4. Bids are aggregated at time of closing. All bids are automatically displayed in a spreadsheet to facilitate ease of review, seek departmental approvals and award.
  5. One click and our system delivers award and rejection notifications. Yes, all parties involved receive formal correspondence from the Buyer. Our automated communication system is unique in the industry and saves all the parties involved countless hours of managing these repetitive tasks. This time saver will encourage buyers to request more quotations which in turn will generate further savings for your organization.
  6. All audit friendly history is retained. Reporting for both the Buyer and Vendor is included.
  7. Because it is efficient, convenient, saves the user time and money by reducing both material and labor costs involved in managing the tender process. Give RFQPro Software an opportunity to streamline your procurement process today.

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